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Target Records for Ladies (Senior) - Recurve

 Overall Open
RoundArcherClubScoreDate Shot  ArcherClubScoreDate Shot
YorkH NicolsonCrowthorne74810 Sep 2006  K FreebornCrowthorne73417 Jun 1995
Double YorkK FreebornCrowthorne145318 Jun 1995  K FreebornCrowthorne145318 Jun 1995
Hereford (Bristol I)R FenwickWarfield120411 Jul 1978  R FenwickWarfield118002 Sep 1978
Double Hereford (Bristol I)M TaylorAERE209726 Jun 1980  M TaylorAERE209726 Jun 1980
Bristol IINot applicable 
Double Bristol IINot applicable 
Bristol IIINot applicable 
Double Bristol IIINot applicable 
Bristol IVNot applicable 
Double Bristol IVNot applicable 
Bristol VNot applicable 
Double Bristol VNot applicable 
St. GeorgeM TaylorAERE63730 Jul 1972  No current record
AlbionL TillyWest Windsor86809 Oct 1983  L TillyWest Windsor86809 Oct 1983
WindsorW FrostMaidenhead F.92814 Jun 1987  W FrostMaidenhead F.92814 Jun 1987
Short WindsorNot applicable 
Junior WindsorNot applicable 
Short Junior WindsorNot applicable 
New WesternJ FieldWallingford52324 Oct 1968  No current record
Long WesternL TillyWest Windsor73530 Jun 1985  L TillyWest Windsor73530 Jun 1985
WesternL TillyWest Windsor81813 Apr 1984  L LawrenceWarfield77204 May 1998
Short WesternNot applicable 
Junior WesternNot applicable 
Short Junior WesternNot applicable 
AmericanL TillyWest Windsor77814 Mar 1984  W FrostWest Windsor75806 Jun 1982
Double AmericanJ BurnhamBurleigh150011 Jun 2000  L TillyWest Windsor145806 May 1984
St. NicholasNot applicable 
New NationalH NicolsonCrowthorne41122 Aug 2004  No current record
Long NationalM WorthingtonCrowthorne54606 Jul 2003  K SmithWAMDSAD53806 Jul 2003
NationalR FenwickWarfield60230 Jul 1978  R FenwickWarfield60230 Jul 1978
Short NationalNot applicable 
Junior NationalNot applicable 
Short Junior NationalNot applicable 
New WarwickL LawrenceWarfield25228 Aug 1995  L JonesWarfield10818 Apr 2010
Long WarwickJ BurnhamBurleigh37805 Jan 2002  J ForrowWarfield13718 Apr 2010
WarwickL LawrenceWarfield39011 Sep 1996  J StarlingBurleigh27024 Jul 2005
Short WarwickNot applicable 
Junior WarwickNot applicable 
Short Junior WarwickNot applicable 
Gents WA 1440R FenwickWarfield108924 Oct 1976  No current record
Double Gents WA 1440No current record  No current record
Ladies WA 1440 (Metric I)R FenwickWarfield130108 Jun 1979  R FenwickWarfield126513 Aug 1978
Double Ladies WA 1440 (Metric I)K SmithWAMDSAD236724 Aug 2003  K SmithWAMDSAD236724 Aug 2003
Metric IINot applicable 
Double Metric IINot applicable 
Metric IIINot applicable 
Double Metric IIINot applicable 
Metric IVNot applicable 
Double Metric IVNot applicable 
Metric VNot applicable 
Double Metric VNot applicable 
Half FITA GentlemenL LawrenceWarfield43920 Aug 1995  No current record
Half Metric IINot applicable 
Half Metric IIINot applicable 
Half Metric IVNot applicable 
Half Metric VNot applicable 
Long Metric (Gents)C MorganCrowthorne41702 Jul 1995  No current record
Long Metric Ladies (Long Metric I)R FenwickWarfield64125 Nov 1978  J SmartWest Windsor60027 Sep 1983
Long Metric IINot applicable 
Long Metric IIINot applicable 
Long Metric IVNot applicable 
Long Metric VNot applicable 
Short Metric / Short Metric IR FenwickWarfield64920 Nov 1978  S WillcoxBurleigh62102 May 1978
Short Metric IINot applicable 
Short Metric IIINot applicable 
Short Metric IVNot applicable 
Short Metric VNot applicable 
WA 900H NicolsonCrowthorne76326 Jul 2003  H NicolsonCrowthorne76326 Jul 2003
Double WA 900H NicolsonCrowthorne137821 Jul 2002  H NicolsonCrowthorne137821 Jul 2002
WA 70mM WorthingtonCrowthorne61119 Aug 2006  J BurnhamBurleigh58125 Sep 2004
WA 60mH KelseyWarfield57202 Aug 2015  H KelseyWarfield56503 Aug 2014
Double WA 60mC RentellWarfield112611 Aug 2015  H KelseyWarfield111603 Aug 2014
Bray IJ BarwellReading27422 Jan 1991  J BarwellReading27220 Jan 1991
Bray IIR FenwickWarfield28118 Feb 1979  R FenwickWarfield28118 Feb 1979
PortsmouthJ BarwellReading59214 Dec 1990  J BarwellReading58812 Dec 1990
Double PortsmouthK AdkinsBurleigh113328 Jan 2007  J BurnhamBurleigh111528 Nov 2004
StaffordL TillyWest Windsor65725 Jan 1983  S WillcoxBurleigh65202 Apr 1978
VegasJ BarwellReading56405 Feb 1991  J BarwellReading55720 Dec 1992
WorcesterJ SmartWest Windsor28631 Oct 1982  J SmartWest Windsor28631 Oct 1982
Double WorcesterS WrightRMCS55428 Feb 1982  S WrightRMCS55428 Feb 1982
WA 18mJ BarwellReading56305 Mar 1991  J SmartWest Windsor53114 Nov 1982
WA 25mJ BarwellWarfield56524 Feb 1991  J BarwellWarfield56524 Feb 1991
WA CombinedK SmithBuscot Park106408 Dec 1996  K SmithBuscot Park106408 Dec 1996