Welcome to the website of the Association of the Archery Clubs in the county of Berkshire and two that are in Oxfordshire.  (It’s a long story)

Who we are

The Role of the Berkshire Archery Association

There are two main aims:

1) The promotion and encouragement of the sport of archery within the County

2) To be an integral part of the governance structure for archery for the National Governing Body (Archery GB - AGB) and the Region (Southern Counties Archery Society – SCAS)

We deliver these aims by:

a) Providing a forum for clubs to share ideas & issues (at quarterly committee meetings)

b) Providing the communications interface to/from AGB and to/from SCAS (via the county secretary)

c) Representing the county at SCAS Council Meetings and reporting back to the county at the subsequent county committee meeting

d) Providing the county level governance for the Complaints, Disciplinary & Safeguarding processes

e) Encouraging competition via the county championships and intercounty matches

f) Maintaining the county records

g) Providing links to the separate Judging and Coaching groups

h) Providing the medals and trophies for county championships and county recognition awards

i) Subsidising the county championships if required/necessary

j) Paying the entry fees for archers selected to represent the county in intercounty team events + provision of county badges/flashes for those selected

k) Providing a limited source of funding for Judges clothing and competitive archers attending international or the AGB pathway academy

The Role of the Southern Counties Archery Society

Historically SCAS was set up to provide a regional championship (the Southern Counties Archery Meeting  - SCAM). It also provides the regional governance structure for archery for Archery GB and acts to promote and encourage the sport of archery in the south east of England.

Further information about what SACS can be found on their web site here https://scasarchery.org.uk/

The Business of the BAA

All matters within the BAA are run by a committee that meets four time a year (see Meetings page). In addition, an Annual General Meeting is held once a year. The business of the association is governed by the Constitution (see Documents page) and the Officers of the committee can be contacted via the Contacts page.

The clubs that make up the county are listed on the County Clubs page.